Turn Your Home Landline Into a PBX phone system


  No annual or monthly fee

One time payment
The cheapest solution for home use or SOHO business

No need any IP phone - Use Your Own Smartphone

M1 Messenger IP PBX features list:



Endless possibilities

  • Never miss another call. Answer landline calls from anywhere.

  • No more overage charges. Call using your landline number from anywhere in the world.



Got several smartphones or tablets at home? No problem, you can connect all of them to Virtual IP PBX, and you can use any of them to receive or make calls at home!

Poor GSM signal? No worries

Are you sick of staying glued to the window during your mobile calls just to get a good signal? Virtual IP PBX lets you call even if you don't have cell service.

You'll just need Wi-Fi and you can call from your landline using your mobile!

Easy to install and configure

Virtual IP PBX is easy to set-up with an intuitive plug-and-play installation. Simply connect the  box to your landline, and Wi-Fi router,  make the settings, download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, launch the app and you are ready to go.

  • Download the M1 Messenger  app for free on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

  • Get all your landline calls on the M1 Messenger app


Compatible with all landline phones

  • Virtual IP PBX easily connects to your existing landline phone, there is no additional equipment required. Box can be plugged in parallel to your existing phones. Your smartphones/tablets will behave as extra phones at home.


Perfect for small business

  • Are you a SMB/SME owner, and you have a PSTN line for your business? With Virtual IP PBX, you can get your landline calls, anywhere. One device for all calls

  • Share your PSTN line, with any smartphone and tablets.


1 FXO/PSTN port
Unlimited SIP extensions (M1 Messenger or any IP phone)
Business phone system features

SIP Trunks/Gateways support

Call recording

Multi-level IVR

Mobile and desktop messaging apps

Customers management

Phone system

Call routing


Call transfer (Blind & Attendant)

Call forwarding (no-answer, busy, unregistered, unconditional)

Call hold

Call pickup / Call parking


Call reports

Hunting groups

Multi-level IVR menu


Audio calls and conferences

Video calls

Personal and group chats

Share files, media, contact and geo location

Real-time user status


Centralized user management

Encryption of calls

Encryption of chats

Files encryption



Local phone numbers

Number porting

International outbound calls

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